Burger Evaluation Group

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BEG new member applications are evaluated every 17 years, and/or whenever founding members feel like it. As everyone knows, membership in BEG is highly sought after. Therefore, the following criteria is applied to all applications:

1) The applicant must be of good moral character. 2) The applicant must demonstrate a long standing history of burger consumption. 3) The applicant must be recommended by an existing BEG member. 4) The applicant must demonstrate Methods of Objectivity (MOO) in completion of a Burger Establishment Evaluation Form (BEEF).

Consideration of Worthiness (COW) analysis of MOO of BEEF will be based on the following:

1) Completeness (but not overdoing) of a BEEF. 2) Consistent application of grading criteria within BEEF. 3) Evidence that Chicken is A Lessor Food (CALF).

Upon acceptance of applicant's MOO of BEEF by BEG, the applicant will enter a probationary period known as Very Early Acclimation Learning (VEAL) period. As you know, VEAL is a very tender period and many do not make it to full COW endorsement.

In order to reach full COW endorsement, within fourteen (14) days following initial acceptance, the new member must coordinate a celebratory burger fest at a burger joint of his or her choosing with all founding members of BEG.